Terms and condition

Terms and Condition

1. Register to get the updates on new courses and details

2. Communication will be only by mail

3. While doing Online Payments Please add the reference of the course , mail id and mobile number.

4. To avoid communication delay we request you to register your contact number.

5. Being  On Time to the Learning Platform is Learners Responsibility.

6. Strictly avoid delay or missing the classes as cannot be repeated.

7. For Certification you should take an online exam and digital evaluation will be done on during the exam. Successive completion score rate is 80%. This is to ensure the quality of learning and instruction.

8. If you scoring is not to the standards exams must be attended again to get the certification.

9. Examination Scores will be in our records for review only no revalidation will be entertained as its completely digital.

10. iconsultantz  has complete right to ensure the discipline of students. iconsultantz decision on the same  is final.

11.iconsultantz has all the rights in course , content and digital platform control. Changes and upgrades may happen at any time without prior notice.

12. You can write to master@iconsultantz.com and academy@iconsultantz.com for any clarifications at anytime.